Project information

  • The objective of the present project is to strengthen the research cooperation between EU, Ukraine and Russia in the field of nanosized metal clathrochelate cage compounds, their synthesis, physicochemical characterization and use in the development of novel materials for biomedical applications.
    The project brings together five independent research centers, 2 located in EU (Poland, Germany), 2 in Ukraine and 1 in Russia, and has the duration of 4 years.
    The different partners involved are:
    1. UWR - Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Wrocław (Poland) – Project coordinator
    2. UHEI - Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg, Heidelberg (Germany)
    3. TSNUK - TarasShevchenko National Universityof Kyiv, Kiev (Ukraine)
    4. INEOS RAS – Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.N. Nemeyanov Institute of  Organoelement Compounds Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (Russian Federation)
    5. IGIC NASU - V.I.Vernadskii Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry NAS of Ukraine, Kiev (Ukraine)
    The partners involved in the program have a recognized history of collaboration at a project level and have worked together in a series of joint research projects in the past. The establishment of this joint exchange programme will promote and strengthen the complementarity of the participants and will stimulate the teams’ cooperation, thus forming an excellent center of synergy in research, innovation and technology in the area of nanomaterials for biomedical purposes. Each of the labs involved in this collaboration has a unique, yet complementary expertise. By visiting different labs graduate students and early career scientists will significantly improve their skills and expertise. They will also benefit tremendously from visits of senior scientists in partner labs. The proposed academic exchange aims to establish and support multilateral transfer of knowledge and expertise among several European and international research teams. Transfer of knowledge between the partners will also include regular seminars and workshops delivered by the seconded staff.

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